Foliar Fertilizer Market Estimated to Record Highest CAGR by 2018-2028

About the Foliar Fertilizer Market Report

Fact.MR has compiled vital insights on the foliar fertilizer demand and sales and has presented systematically in its new publication – “Foliar Fertilizer Market Forecast, Trend Analysis and Competition Tracking 2018-2028”. The foliar fertilizer market report offers complete understanding of key dynamics influencing the foliar fertilizer demand. The report includes in-depth assessment on past, present and future foliar fertilizer market scenario across regional markets.

Definition of Foliar Fertilizer Market

Foliar fertilizers include various components in different proportions mainly comprising of phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium. Foliar fertilizer is water soluble and can be directly applied on plant leaves in its liquid form. Foliar fertilizer facilitates plant growth by boosting nutrient density and eliminating nutrient deficiencies. Foliar fertilizers are eight times more powerful and effective than soil applied fertilizers.

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Segmentation of Foliar Fertilizer Market

The foliar fertilizer market has been segmented comprehensively to include all angles of the marketplace. The foliar fertilizer market is segmented by composition (nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, others), by crop type (cereals & grains, fruits & vegetables, oilseeds, others), by nature (mineral, organic) and by region (North America, Latin America, Europe, CIS & Russia, Japan, Asia Pacific excluding Japan and Middle East and Africa). Country-level analysis on the adoption of foliar fertilizer has also been provided in the report.

Competitive Landscape of Foliar Fertilizer Market

The report on foliar fertilizer market covers a detailed assessment on foliar fertilizer manufacturers worldwide. Various players including, but not limited to, Helena Agri-Enterprises LLC, EuroChem Group Ag and K+S AG have been covered in the foliar fertilizer market report.

Companies are introducing new products in their portfolio to increase their scope of application in the foliar fertilizer space. For instance, Helena Agri-Enterprises LLC has introduced CitriFlo that is a foliar fertilizer used on flowers and fruit plants. It has also introduced Kendal, a nutrient supplement that enhances plant defenses. Furthermore, companies are focusing on strategic acquisitions to cater to the foliar fertilizer demand particularly in the emerging economies. For instance, EuroChem Group AG acquired Agricola Bulgaria Ead to develop its foliar fertilizer footprint in the Eastern Europe. It has also acquired Emerger Fertilizantes for distribution of foliar fertilizer products in Latin America.

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K+S AG is focusing on expanding its activities in East Africa owing to the potential opportunities in regions such as Uganda where foliar fertilizers are relatively less with marginal crop yields. It is investing in fertilizer blending facilities in Uganda with a focus on developing digital trading platform with local vendors to distribute its foliar fertilizer products.

Key Findings of Foliar Fertilizer Market

Top Three Players Account for Over 18% Revenue Share of Foliar Fertilizer Market

Foliar fertilizer remains an intensely fragmented landscape. In spite of the high level of fragmentation, the top three players have continued to hold onto their revenue shares. These three companies include Israel Chemicals Ltd., Helena Agri-Enterprises LLC, and Yara International ASA. Collectively, these three companies account for over 18% revenue share of the global foliar fertilizer market.

Israel Chemicals Ltd., has benefited owing to its strategic location serving both emerging and developed markets. Moreover, the company operates from two ports (Port of Ashdod and Port of Eilat) that offers low plant gate-to-port cost. This also facilitates proximity to the target market along with shorter lead time.

Yara International ASA is focusing on diversifying across key regional markets. For instance, it launched a liquid fertilizer plant in Malmesbury to leverage its lucrativeness as a key agri exporter in South Africa. Yara International is also focusing on launching Yara Improvement Program in a bid to enhance its EBITDA in the forthcoming years.

Helena Agri-Enterprises LLC is focused on diversifying its product portfolio and reinforce its global presence. Recently, it introduced four new products in its foliar fertilizer product lineup, viz., Ele-Max Sulfur LC, N-Fixx XLR, Antares Prime and Sultrus.

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Focus on Leveraging ‘Soil Conditioning’ Benefits Gaining Ground Among Foliar Fertilizer Manufacturers

Multi-pronged advantage of foliar fertilizers are expected to fuel their demand in agriculture and farming sector. In addition to efficient nutrient absorption and crop yield, foliar fertilizers provide higher resistance to insects and pests owing to the presence of various hormones such as gibberellins, cytokinins and auxins. In addition, foliar fertilizer also acts as an effective soil conditioner and enhances the water holding capacity of the soil in turn facilitating the balance restoration of the microorganism populace. Use of foliar fertilizer eliminates nutrient limitations in adverse soil conditions and is considered as an additional supplement boosting crop health. On account of these factors, agriculturists recommend the use of foliar fertilizer in conjunction with granular fertilizers to achieve favorable results.

Foliar Fertilizer Industry Benefiting from Broader Focus on Increasing Yield Per Hectare

The growing demand for agricultural products on the back of rising population rates and per capita consumption has presented potential avenues for the use of novel agricultural techniques such as foliar fertilization. According to analysis carried out by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, kilocalorie demand per person is likely to reach 3050 kcal. In addition to this, global population is expected to touch 8.3 billion by 2030. Momentous growth in population is expected to increase the demand for agricultural commodities, in turn, creating an urgency to enhance the agricultural produce using nutrition enhancement with foliar fertilizer. This is likely to spur the demand for foliar fertilization, consequently pushing the sales of foliar fertilizer.

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Nanocomposite Foliar Fertilizers that Offer Customization of Desired Nutrient Compositions Growing in Demand

Introduction of nanotechnology in the agro fertilizer space has enhanced the nutrient absorption quotient in plants. As compared to conventional crop fertilizers such as large granules, the nanocomposite foliar fertilizer can be custom-designed to obtain smaller particles with desired nutrient compositions. In addition, nanocomposite foliar fertilizer can be synthesized and produced in one step with less energy consumption. With the enhanced absorption capacity, nanocomposite foliar fertilizer facilitates efficient binding of nutrient ions enhancing plant nutrition. In addition, application of nano-B and nano-Zn foliar fertilizer, which has been tested on pomegranate, can increase the leaf micronutrient concentration further aiding plant nutrition.

Decreasing Arable Land to Influence Nutrient Demand – Potential Avenue for Foliar Fertilizer Market

Arable land per person is expected to witness a further decline in the years to follow, in turn, impacting the agricultural produce. According to the World Bank, arable land (hectares per person) has reduced from 0.371 in 1961 to 0.194 in 2015. This hectares per person is likely to reach 0.15 ha per capita by 20250, according to FAO. Farmland decrease per person coupled with the increasing need for agricultural produce has pushed the growers to increase crop yield by using advanced fertilizer solutions such as foliar fertilizer, in turn, encouraging its market’s growth.

Fertigation to Challenge Foliar Fertilizer Sales

The on-going imbalance between demand and supply of water for agricultural practices has forced alterations in modern irrigation practices. This has resulted in adoption of alternative techniques such as fertigation that includes injection of fertilizers and nutrients to the irrigation system, in turn, impacting the use of foliar fertilization method. Fertigation saves time and money along with yield agriculture yield enhancement, consequently challenging the adoption of the foliar fertilizer in the agriculture industry.

Additional Questions Answered in Foliar Fertilizer Market Report

Besides aforementioned findings, foliar fertilizer market report also includes additional insights revealing the sales scenario of the foliar fertilizer. For instance,

  • What trends are impacting the sales of the foliar fertilizer and how can foliar fertilizer manufacturers leverage them?
  • Which is the most lucrative regional market with respect to the foliar fertilizer adoption and demand?
  • What is the sales valuation of foliar fertilizer in Japan?
  • Which type of crop will account for larger sales of foliar fertilizer?
  • To what extent can mineral foliar fertilizer contribute to the overall growth of foliar the fertilizer market?

Research Methodology of Foliar Fertilizer Market

Data and statistics compiled in the foliar fertilizer market report have been gleaned using a unique research methodology. Primary and secondary research along with information on foliar fertilizer use from external sources have been gathered to obtain a high-level scrutiny on foliar fertilizer market. This research process enables high foliar fertilizer market data accuracy providing actionable intelligence.

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