Non-Dairy Toppings Market Sales and Demand Forecast

The non-dairy toppings market is likely to maintain a robust growth rate throughout the period of assessment, 2018-2028, as consumers shift toward veganism and plant-based products. Steadily increasing consumer awareness regarding health benefits of dairy alternatives continues to remain instrumental in driving sales of non-dairy toppings worldwide. Demand for non-dairy toppings is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.0% in terms of volume throughout the period of forecast. Global sales of non-dairy toppings are likely to increase by 34,000 tons in 2028 over 2018.

Sales of non-dairy toppings are likely to witness a significant upswing during the period of forecast on the back of growing lactose intolerant consumers worldwide. According to National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), more than 65 percent of the global population is facing lactose intolerance, with over 36 percent present in the United States alone. Unable to digest milk products, the demand for non-dairy toppings among lactose intolerant people is likely to increase, in turn contributing to the overall growth of the non-dairy toppings market, says the report.

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European countries reflected dominance in the overall non-dairy toppings market, however with a relatively slow growth rate than Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ). Non-dairy toppings market is now witnessing a significant upsurge across emerging economies in the Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) region, says the report. Sales of non-dairy toppings across countries such as China and India are expected to increase at a stellar pace throughout the period of forecast.

Sales volume of non-dairy toppings via indirect channels are likely to account for over 70% share of the overall non-dairy toppings market by 2028. Modern trade continues to be the most lucrative indirect distribution channel for non-dairy toppings globally. Hypermarkets and supermarkets, as a part of modern trade, are expanding their non-dairy toppings product range, in turn increasing visibility of various non-dairy toppings brands. In addition, rising number of supermarkets worldwide are likely to complement non-dairy toppings sales. Sales of non-dairy toppings through E-commerce channel are also expected to witness a steady increasing throughout the period of forecast.

Growing bakery industry is expected to impact sales of non-dairy toppings in the forthcoming years. The overall bakery products market is expected to grow at a renascent pace, providing potential growth avenues for non-dairy toppings producers. The use of non-dairy toppings in bakery and frozen dessert applications is expected to gain significant traction during the period of forecast. Overall, the outlook of non-dairy toppings market remains positive and stakeholders in the non-dairy toppings market can expect a momentous growth in sales of non-dairy toppings across regions in the years to follow.

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Tables of Content Covered in the report are:

1. Executive Summary
1.1. Global Non-Dairy Toppings Market – Summary of Key Findings
1.2. Global Non-Dairy Toppings Market –Summary of Statistics
1.3. Global Non-Dairy Toppings Market – Industry Structure
1.4. Global Non-Dairy Toppings Market – Noticeable Points
1.5. Global Non-Dairy Toppings Market – Opportunity Assessment
1.6. Mega Trends Impact Analysis

2. Market Introduction
2.1. Non-Dairy Toppings Market – Opening Remarks
2.2. Non-Dairy Toppings Market – Market Definition
2.3. Non-Dairy Toppings Market: Taxonomy

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3. Global Fillings & Toppings Market Outlook
3.1. Global Fillings & Toppings Market Value and Forecast
3.2. Traditional Toppings Vs. Non-dairy Toppings
3.2.1. Evolution and Popularity of Non-Dairy Toppings
3.2.2. The Difference (Based on consumers remarks on various social media)
3.3. Non Dairy Toppings Market – Key Developments
3.3.1. Key Non-Dairy Toppings Product Launches
3.3.2. Key Non-Dairy Toppings Acquisitions

4. Market Dynamics and Key Indicator Assessment
4.1. Key Indicators Impacting the Non-Dairy Toppings Industry
4.1.1. World GDP by Key Countries, 2017
4.1.2. Macroeconomic Factors
4.1.3. Food and Beverages Industry Overview
4.2. Non-Dairy Ecosystem
4.3. Market Dynamics
4.3.1. Growth Drivers and Impact Analysis
4.3.2. Industry Challenges and Impact Analysis
4.4. Supply Chain Analysis
4.5. Non-Dairy Toppings Market Forecast Assessment
4.5.1. Global Non-Dairy Toppings Market Scenario Forecast
4.5.2. Non-Dairy Toppings Market – Forecast Factors Assessment
4.6. Investment Feasibility Matrix
4.7. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
4.8. PESTE Analysis
4.9. Global Non-Dairy Toppings Market – Trade Outlook
4.9.1. Market Value Share, by Key Importing Countries, 2017
4.9.2. Market Value Share by Key Exporting Countries, 2017

5. Voice of Customers
5.1. Global Non-Dairy Toppings Market – Consumer Verbatim
5.2. Why Veganism?
5.3. Vegan Population across Key Countries
5.4. Global Non-Dairy Toppings Market – Brand Preference Matrix
5.5. Global Non-Dairy Toppings Market – Market Behavior Influencing Factors
5.6. Global Non-Dairy Toppings Market – Modes of Advertisement
5.7. Non-Dairy Toppings Market Consumer Sentiment Analysis
5.8. Non-Dairy Toppings Market: Consumer Behavior Analysis
5.9. Non-Dairy Toppings Preference: Conventional Vs. Organic

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