Cloud-based Deployments of Computer Aided Dispatch Systems on the Rise, finds Fact.MR study

Increasing endorsements of computer aided dispatch systems for reconstructing public safety and directing dispatch operations effectively is driving its market growth. Introduction of advanced connected devices is also encouraging its approval. Computer aided dispatch systems consists of an assorted number of components that can offer varied levels at the dispatch center and in the field of civil security. These computer aided dispatch services include call inputs, status call maintenance, event notes, dispatching calls, tracking field unit status and call resolution and disposition.


While the expanding technological investments continues to impact consumers worldwide, it has established several public safety schemes such as computer aided dispatch systems to meet citizens’ demands for faster and improved emergency responses. Driven by improvements in consumer technology over the years, computer aided dispatch systems have undergone their own breakthrough. Several agencies today have the benefits of selecting a personal cloud model that can be purchased and operated by the agency in partnership with the data centers or several network application centers.

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The current computer aided dispatch systems of today can integrate with several different solutions already in place within an agency including record management systems, emergency medical dispatch software, mobile data applications and geographic information systems. Moreover, field service application, notes, custom forms, photos, routing, signatures and barcodes can be monitored using cloud connected computer aided dispatch systems.


Governments Leveraging Computer Aided Dispatch for Public Safety


Along with continuing development of government administration and policies concerning public safety, the need for recommending computer aided dispatch solutions to ensure safe and reliable dispatch operations is rising. Ascending national public safety initiatives and advances in communication technology have also triggered rapid growth for the computer aided dispatch market. For instance, in New Orleans, with the help from Motorola, the government has developed significant computer aided dispatch measures through which dispatchers can communicate with first responders.

The solution connects distinct medical, fire and police services applications to a computer aided dispatch system, tablets, mobile terminals, and a data warehouse into a single system. Using a capable combination of database technology and server, multimedia and modern applications, Computer aided dispatch systems can be used to mobilizing data and creating insights that helps emergency personnel make smart and quick decisions.

Risk of Cyber Theft Confine Computer Aided Dispatch Sales


The computer aided dispatch market is being second guessed due to the increasing cybercrime and espionage and organizational groupings in the construction and engineering production. Computer aided dispatch firms are facing cyber threats from APT (Advanced Persistent Threats) groups. Attempting to ransack intellectual property pertaining to technical innovations, expertise and other processes.

The elementary goal of most computer aided dispatch organizations is to provide updated computer aided dispatch workstations and a pleasant working environment for their computer aided dispatch engineers and designers. Currently, the training of a computer aided dispatch engineer focuses on preparing the engineer with the ability to define engineering problems and to use computer aided dispatch tools to solve the problems.

The computer aided dispatch market, due to burgeoning digitalization, is witnessing a surge in adoption across several regions. Western Europe holds a major share in the global computer aided dispatch market due to the existence of well-established automotive commerce in the region. North America influences a significant share on the global computer aided dispatch market.

This can be associated to the ascending adoption of cloud integrated mechanical computer aided dispatch software in the mechatronics industry. The aforementioned factor is anticipated to thrust growth of the computer aided dispatch market in the region. Asia Pacific region is also expected to project significant growth during the forecast period.

Some of the key players profiled for the computer aided dispatch report include: Avtec Incorporated, Tritech Software Systems, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, Spillman Technologies Incorporated, Tyler Technologies Incorporated, Priority Dispatch Corporation, CODY Systems, DoubleMap, Southern Software Incorporated, Zeltron Incorporated and FDM Software.

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