Ammonium Phosphatide Market – Wide Applications in Food Industry

Ammonium phosphatide continues to witness lucrative opportunities across the countries on the backdrop of the increasing number of food processing industries worldwide. Moreover, the growth in the confectionary and chocolate industry likely to have positive impact on ammonium phosphatide market. Adoption of ammonium phosphatide owing to the increasing demand for non-GMO alternative to lecithin. The trending convergence of new allergen free alternative to lecithins is further anticipated to create remunerative growth opportunities for ammonium phosphatide market.

Growing food and beverages processing industry impacted the emulsifiers demand, creating demand for lecithin alternatives which likely to boost ammonium phosphatide market. Increasing demand from consumers which is creating opportunities for an ammonium phosphatide, however, the replacement rate of ammonium phosphatide may vary for different applications.

A recent Fact study foretells ammonium phosphatide market to record an expansion at 6.1% over the forecast period (2018 – 2028). Ammonium phosphatide continues to witness increased demand for confectionary applications.

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Ammonium Phosphatide Market – Wide Applications in Food Industry

Development of food processing industry offering a potential boost for ammonium phosphatide due to the demand from the confectionary industry.

With the increasing demand for non-GMO and allergen free food emulsifiers, manufacturers around the world are taking steps to improve the quality of confectionary products and food safety concerns escalating the demand for ammonium phosphatide. By making use of ammonium phosphatide more in confectionary and chocolate, leading market players are developing low cost alternative to lecithin and other costlier emulsifiers which boost ammonium phosphatide market. Food manufacturers are making use of a variety of ingredients in order to achieve better viscosity and thickness, with help of ammonium phosphatide which likely to impact ammonium phosphatide market. The global ammonium phosphatide market is expected to witness the introduction of high quality and efficient products in upcoming years.

There is a significant uptick in consumption of convenient and packaged foods. However, increasing level of awareness regarding the consequences of unhealthy eating is prompting consumers to opt for trans-fat products. This, in turn, is compelling food manufacturers to increase the use of low fat and low calorie emulsifiers in their products Moreover, dietary changes are observed at unprecedented speed in many countries coupled with introduction of new dietary guidelines by NGOs and health institutions.

Ammonium Phosphatide Market – Consumer Demand for Quality and Cost Effective Products

Growing awareness about the non-GMO and allergen free products is leading to increased demand for high-quality food products in the world. Also, increasing trends of globalization and urbanization, and healthier diet lifestyle led by consumers around the globe is boosting the sales of ammonium phosphatide.

As most infants are having allergies towards different food ingredients soy lecithin, sunflower lecithin etc which likely to impact on ammonium phosphatide around the world. Cost effectiveness in the manufacturing of confectionary and chocolate products have major reason for boosting ammonium phosphatide in prominent regions. The rising number of food processing industries in the developing countries lead to the growth of ammonium phosphatide market.

Ammonium Phosphatide Market – Increased Use in Functional Foods

The global consumption of functional food items in on the rise. Ammonium phosphatide have become an important ingredient in functional food. Such items are gaining popularity in confectionary and bakery industry. Apart from this, increased global consumption of soft drinks, bread, mayonnaise, ice-creams, coffee, chocolates and biscuits has augured well for vendors operating in the global market of emulsifiers. Advanced processing techniques are been used for the development of the products, which have high functional properties. This has invariably expanded the market for ammonium phosphatide.

Today people inclined towards convenience foods due to their busy lifestyle. Increasing demand for convenience food is leading to extended need for emulsifiers in processed food for maintaining sensory characteristics such as taste, flavor and texture which likely to increase demand of ammonium phosphatide.

Increasing consumer inclination towards low trans-fat and low calorie products. New growth avenues have emerged for market players in the region to exploit. However, factors such as increase in the prices of raw materials, dynamic consumer preferences, declining profit margins, the unfavorable image of additives and substitute ingredients are likely to hinder the market. Government has been implementing policies and actions to improve the dietary patterns as well as food supplies for the protection of the consumer’s health. Crucial economic conditions are affecting both manufacturers as well consumers on a larger basis.

Increasing incidences of food borne diseases is gradually driving emulsifiers’ demand as they help in maintaining the complete quality and retaining the fat content in food products. Ammonium phosphatide is classified into synthetic and natural on the basis of nature type. Food brands are increasing the use of emulsifiers in their products in order to prolong their shelf life, which also helps in excluding enzyme attacks as well as prevents decomposition. The FDA and several other organizations have enacted set of safety norms in order to regulate the use of food preservatives.

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