Ammonium Phosphatide Market to Record an Impressive CAGR of Over 6% through 2028, Estimates Fact.MR

A Meaningful evolution of the processed food industry in recent years has provided a feasible boost to ammonium phosphatide, thereby driving developments in the ammonium phosphatide market. Emulsifiers industry is taking a positive growth, with gaining immense traction and outgrowing ammonium phosphatide market.

The current growth trend of ammonium phosphatide market has prominently influenced by the increasing number of the confectionary industries across all the regions of the globe. Consumer and marketer to expose and expand their products which are likely to boost the ammonium phosphatide market.

Increasing consumer awareness about non-GMO and allergen free ingredients in the food products which likely to push the growth of ammonium phosphatide market.

Replacement to Soya Lecithin in Confectionary Industry

Emulsifiers are become an integral part of food processing industry. There are few prominent categories of emulsifiers used in processing industry such as lecithin. Mono di glycerides, Polysorbates etc. Lecithins are common emulsifying agents used in confectionary and bakery industry. There are multiple sourced lecithins are used in the processing of confectionary foods and chocolates. The rising costs of raw materials increasing costs of the final products, hence increased demand for the alternative to lecithin from food processing industries. The market for alternative to lecithin which likely to boost the sales of ammonium phosphatide over the forecast period.

The global consumption of confectionary items in on the rise. Ammonium phosphatide have become an important ingredient in confectionary and chocolate industry. Such items are gaining popularity in confectionary and bakery industry. Apart from this, increased global consumption of bread, mayonnaise, ice-creams, coffee, bakery goods and biscuits has augured well for vendors operating in the global market of ammonium phosphatide. Advanced processing techniques are been used for the development of the products, which have high functional properties.

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“Ammonium Phosphatide is a part of food ingredients in the food processing industry. Cost effectiveness of ammonium phosphatide in the manufacturing of confectionary products likely to boost the adoption of ammonium phosphatide in the estimated period.” says lead research analyst, Food and Beverages, at Fact.MR.

Demand for Low Trans-Fat Products to Create Market Opportunities

According to WHO, increase in the obesity level has been gradual but unfortunately it remains constant worldwide along with recent news stating that around billion citizens are obese, which double the rate of what had existed 20years ago. Rising trend of sedentary lifestyle has partly contributed to the increased incidences of lifestyle diseases, obesity and chronic ailments. There is a significant uptick in consumption of convenient and packaged foods. However, increasing level of awareness regarding the consequences of unhealthy eating is prompting consumers to opt for trans-fat products. This, in turn, is compelling food manufacturers to increase the use of low fat and low calorie emulsifiers and co-emulsifiers in their products Moreover, dietary changes are observed at unprecedented speed in many countries coupled with introduction of new dietary guidelines by NGOs and health institutions.

Growth in Confectionery Sector Propelling Ammonium Phosphatide Market

Fact.MR’s recent study envisions ammonium phosphatide market to exhibit significant growth rate during the forecast period. The average per capita spending over confectionary by North America is slightly more than that of the Europe and other regions across the globe which likely boost the growth of an ammonium phosphatide market.

In the bakery industry, emulsifiers are used as a conditioner for dough for negating the possibilities of solid wheat glutens. Emulsifiers have proved extremely effective as compared to other ingredients used in such bakery processes. Soya Lecithin, which is considered as a good antioxidant is used extensively as it helps in achieving batter stability, texture, improved cake volume, as well as increases the shelf-life. Besides, the products is affordable, which is always an important trait.

Technically convincing alternatives may replace some common emulsifiers in the coming years. New baking enzymes have been innovated such as very specific lipases & transglutaminase. This enzyme helps in cross-linking the gluten proteins as well as improves the stability and consistency of the dough. Enzymes are proving to be a better alternative to ammonium phosphatide as they hold qualities such as cost-efficiency, which is the most important factor noted by the consumers.

Europe’s dominance in ammonium phosphatide market is likely to prevail, with a market share of more than 37% by 2028-end. Evolving food processing industries, coupled with increasing number confectionary industry, particularly in the Europe, will continue to favor the growth of an ammonium phosphatide market in the region. Ammonium phosphatide market in North America, on the other hand, is foretold by the study that holds less market share than the Europe ammonium phosphatide market. The upward trend of confectionary industries to widening the scope of emulsifier industry, will continue to pave lucrative opportunities for an ammonium phosphatide market in North America. Likely East Asia and South Asia currently has a market share nearly 17% and will grow at a faster rate than the North America ammonium phosphatide market during the forecast period.

Among the nature of ammonium phosphatide market, natural nature type has relatively more share than the synthetic nature type which is likely to grow with the considerable growth rate during the forecast period.

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