Starsbourg Shooting Death Toll Rises to Four

After the attack in Strasbourg, the death toll has increased a fourth person has died. Meanwhile, the border controls were lifted after the death of the alleged assassin.

After the terrorist attack in Strasbourg, the death toll has increased to four. This confirmed the prosecutor of the news agency DPA in Paris. Many people were injured.

The assassin had opened the fire in the Strasbourg city center on Tuesday evening and attacked people with a knife. Witnesses have heard him call according to the chief investigator Rémy Heitz “Allahu Akbar”. Subsequently, he was injured while fleeing from the police of soldiers and initially disappeared without a trace.

On Thursday evening, special forces had shot the 29-year-old suspected assassin Cherif Chekatt in Strasbourg district Neudorf. According to Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, Chekatt had resisted his arrest and opened fire on the police.

Meanwhile, the Christmas market, which was closed after the attack, is reopened: Interior Minister Castaner and the Mayor of Strasbourg Roland Ries went on the market in the city center and talked to sellers and visitors. The place was secured by police and soldiers. Castaner thanked the security forces for their efforts.

The situation also relaxed on the German-French border. There were no additional controls from Germany to France anymore. The forces withdrew, according to the Federal Police on Thursday evening. The Kehl-Strasbourg border crossing had been particularly tight previously. Here came to longer delays in the traffic.

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