Most of the Countries Around the World are Heading Towards Industrialisation

The Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Luis Guillermo Plata, said that Colombia moved from position 83 to position 37 within 183 countries in the business climate in the world.

Revealing sections of the Doing Business report in Colombia in 2010 revealed that the country has improved in some aspects and that the country is ranked number 5 in the world in terms of investor protection but at the same time it is among the last in compliance with industrialization contracts.

For the second time, the small cities topped the ladder of the facility to do business in the country according to the report prepared with the World Bank through the study Doing Busines for 2010. Manizales in the 2008 report took second place, went on to lead the ranking.

Reveals the report that unlike the first version in which 13 cities were included, in the current 21 cities are grouped, within which Bogotá occupied the 12th place, Medellín in 16, Barranquilla the 17th and Cali the 20th.

Bucaramanga that in 2008 had reached the third place fell to 18. The Doing Business in Colombia of 2010 makes a study of commercial regulations from the point of view of small and medium enterprises.

Six areas of regulations are compared: opening of companies, obtaining construction permits, registration of properties, payment of taxes, cross-border trade and compliance with contracts.

Neiva was the city in which reforms were introduced more quickly, as it went from being the last in the 2008 ranking to 11th among the 21 cities analyzed. Manizales and Pereira remain among the best ranked in the ease of doing business due to their sustained simplification of commercial regulations.

Developing business activities is easier in Manizales, Ibagué and Pereira and much more difficult in Cali and Cartagena, the report highlights.

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