Tech Companies to Develop New Processes in Software and Mobile Apps

Until Monday, September 21, the inscriptions of the First Program of Acceleration of Software and ICT Companies in Colombia are closed. Eight Colombian software companies CREAME (Integral Center of Business Services), SENA / Tecnoparque, Plug and Play Tech Center (Technology Community based in Silicon Valley) and Intersoftware.

Joined efforts with the purpose of creating and institutionalizing a program that develops new processes of business acceleration, for companies, business projects and/or Spin-off projects, which are part of the Software and ICT sectors in Colombia. The focus of the business acceleration that is going to be implemented in this Program, has as its main objective the growth and the commercial opening of new markets at the global level.

The program consists of three major activities: starting on October 20, those selected will begin a training in international negotiation at the University of San Francisco (California), continue with a strengthening program advanced by Plug & Play Tech Center, and then participate in the PACT Investment Roundtable, which will take place from October 30 to November 4. Finally, they will end up with an immersion in the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Those interested should, in addition to mastering the English language, have developments in the following areas: mobile applications, web applications for consumption (that generate transactions, electronic commerce), business applications, application and system integration, networking applications, social and business, clean technologies, web services, integral solutions in business network connectivity, wireless solutions, convergent communications and video games.

Companies can participate with up to four years of being constituted, spin-off projects (business and university) and entrepreneurship projects.

According to Liliana Gallego, executive director, the Software and ICT Business Acceleration Program responds to the strategies of the National Government for the development of World Class Sectors; as well as the needs and potentialities of businesses that are made in Silicon Valley for the different markets of the world.

In its concept, the Program will measure, improve and potentiate the efforts in terms of business creation and business strengthening. This will be possible from the development of the Program and the learning that derives from it, contributing to the productivity and competitiveness of the country.

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