Diabetes Patients are increasing by 2 X everyone around the world

The NGO Diabetes UK notes that 738 Britons find out each day that they have type 2 diabetes, related to being overweight. Diabetes has become a ” national health emergency ” in Britain, where 280,000 new cases are diagnosed each year, the NGO Diabetes UK announced Monday, warning of unsustainable pressure for health services. The NGO notes that 738 Britons find out each day that they have type 2 diabetes, related to being overweight.

“This clearly shows the frightening scale of what quickly becomes a national health emergency,” warned NGO director Barbara Young. This disease, capable of progressively destroying all corners of the body, is popularly known as “raising blood sugar” and is characterized by complex metabolic disorders that lead to cardiovascular accidents, kidney failure, amputations and blindness. Like most diseases, its appearance has a genetic component, but most cases are associated with unhealthy lifestyles, such as sedentary lifestyle, smoking and inadequate nutrition.

Nowadays, the risk factors are well documented and it is possible to prevent a large proportion of cases. Some studies have shown reductions in the onset of diabetes between 60 and 90%, thanks to healthy habits such as daily exercise, spend little time sitting in front of the TV screen, consume only the calories needed to maintain a normal weight, enjoy of a high consumption of fruits and vegetables, not smoking and limit the consumption of alcohol.

The preventive power of these habits is so powerful that some experts have come to raise the need to increase monthly premiums and contributions to health insurance for those who do not adopt healthy habits and lifestyles, which have been shown to reduce the very high costs of this sickness.

When performing any type of physical activity, the muscle uses sugar and fat as fuels, which restores the metabolic balance from the first muscle contractions. Many biochemical reactions in our body are regulated by the energy balance and are related to cardiovascular health, the appearance of cancer and, of course, the elevation of glycemia or diabetes mellitus.

There are international strategies and policies that must be adopted as soon as possible. Encourage and facilitate active transport by bicycle or walking, motivate the use of stairs, modify positions and work schedules to spend less time sitting and devote a few more minutes of free time to exercise. These strategies require substantial changes in basic and higher education, urban infrastructure and business policies to be successful and sustainable.

“With the increase in the number of diabetics, we may see more and more people suffer complications such as amputations or kidney failure and die more tragically young people.” More than a third of the British population is at the limit of diabetes and about four million Britons are diabetics, according to the NGO.

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