Recent Studies Show Warm Water Therapy Can Be Beneficial for Health

Warm water therapy is used in warm water. This therapy is very easy and harmless. Warm water therapy is usually of three types. However, hot water is used in all three. The benefits of these therapies are also different. Here we are telling you in detail about these therapies.

In this therapy, the patient is given 8-10 times only to drink lukewarm water throughout the day. Water is always said to drink only in the glass of steel, brass or ceramic. By drinking lukewarm water, the toxins present in the body get out. This therapy eliminates the problem of excess fat accumulated in the sputum, gas, acidity and body.

Add turmeric paste to some lukewarm water in arthritis. Drink this water in the empty stomach in the morning and drink an hour before dinner in the evening. This will remove the clutter inside the joints.

Tyroid sufferers soak over one spoonful of coriander in a glass of water at night. Boil the empty stomach water in the morning until it remains half. Drink it when it’s lukewarm.

Hyper-acidity patients are asked to drink at least 6 glasses of hot water throughout the day. Lukewarm water gets accumulated in the stomach and gives solution to acidity and relaxes from acidity within 30 to 45 minutes.

Such persons should drink at least 10-12 glasses of hot water daily. In it, lime, raw turmeric paste, amla juice, pure honey can also be added. If the patient is diabetic then do not give him honey. Give the kidneys a little bit of water to patients.

The sufferer is given Lime in the lukewarm water and given for drinking and neem leaves are said to take bath in the bath water.

In warm water therapy, the patient is called a bath in lukewarm water. Under this, bath therapy is also done in many ways. Enemy is made with lukewarm water of neem under cleaning bath therapy. Combining neem leaves and a little camphor in it, the warm antifangal water is cleaned with external vaginal passage. Apart from this, bathing with lukewarm water is recommended for joints pain or arthritis through sponge bath therapy.

It is very beneficial. Under the foot bath therapy, hard hard baths are provided. The problem of headache, dizziness and nervousness is overcome by spinal bath therapy. In this therapy, the towel is squeezed towel in hot water and on the back it is given to the patient.

Steam therapy is given to those who suffer from asthma, sinus, throat infection, thyroid etc. Warm water steam is given from the steamboat, boiler or spool from the mouth and nose. The patients take a towel or sheet wrap and take the steam.

Steam is given in water by putting 4-5 drops of eucalyptus or ovary leaves or eucalyptus oil. Before taking steam, the patient is given a glass of water, so that he does not panic.

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