Sodium cocoyl Isethionate Demand Underpinned by Robust Adoption in Skin & Hair Care Products, finds Fact.MR

A Meaningful evolution of the personal care and skin care industry in recent years has provided a feasible boost to the different additive agents as like emulsifiers, stabilizers etc, and thereby driving developments in the sodium cocoyl isethionate market. The sodium cocoyl isethionate industry in taking a positive growth, with gaining immense traction and outgrowing good quality sodium cocoyl isethionate.

The current growth trend of the sodium cocoyl isethionate market has prominently influenced by the increasing demand for hair care and skin care application across all the regions of the globe. The increasing developments in the personal care sector and pharmaceutical which are likely to boost the sodium cocoyl isethionate market.

North America’s dominance in the sodium cocoyl isethionate market is likely to prevail, with a market share of more than 27% by 2028-end. Evolving applications in pharmaceutical industry, coupled with increasing applications such as electroplating and electro polishing. South Asia & Oceania, will continue to favor the growth of the sodium cocoyl isethionate market.

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Sodium cocoyl isethionate market in Europe, on the other hand, is foretold by the study to grow at a relatively slower growth rate than the North America sodium cocoyl isethionate market. The upward trend of personal care and grooming industry in parallel to widening the scope of pharmaceutical industry, will continue to pave lucrative opportunities for the sodium cocoyl isethionate market in East Asia and South Asia.

Increasing consumer preference for Sodium cocoyl isethionate with less skin irritancy gain traction

The innovation of solubilizing sodium cocoyl isethionate (SCI) has fueled the trend of sulfate-free shampoos and facial and body washes for the last decade due to the low cost and availability of SCI. It has made SCI the primary surfactant in many leading wash products in the market. Consumers are benefited with silky and soft skin afterfeel in addition to cream dense foaming in cleansing application.

Sulfate-free trend has also promoted surfactant manufacturers to develop new-generation mild water-soluble sulfate-free surfactants. Increasing awareness about the products through advertisements has led to the increased sales of shampoos, conditioners, etc.

“Sodium cocoyl isethionate is an integral component of the personal care industry. Introduction of the newly formulated sodium cocoyl isethionate is likely to boost the adoption of personal care and grooming products in the estimated period.” says lead research analyst, Chemical and Material, at Fact.MR.”

Adoption of Sodium cocoyl isethionate in different applications

Fact.MR’s recent study envisions the sodium cocoyl isethionate market to exhibit impressive growth rate during the forecast period. Growing application in skin care and baby care products increasing demand for sodium cocoyl isethionate.

In 2014, RITA Corporation has had tremendous success by offering sulfate-free surfactants (Ritafactants), which create the same level of foam, rinse out, consistency, thickness, and clarity as sulfated products. The products can be customized depending on application and customer preference. RITA has expanded its product offerings, entered new markets, and become a trusted partner for finished product development. {Apart from mild surfactant blends, another mild, versatile blend is Ritafactant SCI-2 (INCI: Cocamidopropyl betaine and sodium cocoyl isethionate)}

On August 3, 2016, Innospec Inc. has acquired Huntsman Corp.’s personal care and home care business in Europe to add to its technology platforms (which also includes SCI Formulating), and increase the company’s geographical presence. The company’s target is to significantly expand the range of products in both skin care and hair care.

Product push strategy by global players

The current digital age has prompted hair color providers to invest more in marketing strategies to keep pace with the ever-changing consumer behavior globally. Digital marketing has increased awareness among consumers about new product launches and types of hair color offered by different brands.

In 2015, Beamly – a digital marketing firm – was acquired by COTY INC. to accelerate digital marketing of products. Through this acquisition, the company and its licensor products gained advantage from Beamly’s suite, consisting of content creation, data benchmarking, tools for consumer engagement and content optimization.

In May 2016, L’Oreal announced its investment in Founders Factory, which is a global digital incubator and accelerator. This strategic investment enables the company to have direct access to an ecosystem of innovative technologies and start-ups based on digital platforms around the globe. Thus, the company nurtures new digital platforms to serve consumer demands more efficiently.

Thus, product push strategy of global players includes focusing on digital marketing to increase visibility of products in the global market.

Various local and foreign brands of hair care and skin care are easily available through online portals. Global players are entering into partnerships with leading e-Commerce players or have their own e-Commerce sites to capitalize on this highly lucrative sales channel.

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