Private Healthcare Provider Aleris Enters into a Partnership with Trice Imaging

Private healthcare provider, Aleris’ patients can now look at images from their houses on their electronic gadgets all due to an alliance with Trice Imaging. Trice Imaging is a creator of cloud-based medical image management solutions. The firm has offered patients accessibility to their ultrasound, CT images, MR, and X-ray and also remote diagnostics & second opinions by linking imaging devices of all four hundred and fifty practices that forms the Scandinavian healthcare system with their Tricefy system. Aleris provides different forms of imaging services such as X-ray, MR, and CT dispersed in various parts of different countries and also an advanced IT environment.

Trice Imaging Europe’s Chief Executive Officer Johanna Woller Melin said that centers of radiology have an intense information technology environment. However, maximum number of machines are linked to local servers & restricted to hospital networks or closed practice. This restricts the chance to get a second opinion or expert advice to doctors that are present on that particular network and enables data sharing with patients electronically difficult. Linking machines to cloud permits real-time collaborating & sharing beyond hospitals & practice networks offering wider access to experts sans the need to manually transfer a CD through FedEx.

During the span of exams, patients receive good quality photos, reports, and videos through text message and email. It links all photo solutions to the cloud, permitting physicians to work with one another with the help of one-click photo, report sharing, and video. Through Tricefy physicians gets the permission to access reports and photos from any area, allowing clinical collaboration with one another via safe, cost-effective storing and saving.

Moreover, implementation costs are saved by hospitals because of the system incorporating with current EHR and PACS systems, and removing the requirement for DVDs by linking network practices together.

Woller Melin explained that patients are giving a lot of priority to their health and demand access to their health’s data. This way they can show it to other healthcare provider for second opinion or change the provider sans repeating the same tests. Trice is utilized by practitioners in over hundred nations on six continents.

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