Emulsifier and Co-emulsifier Sales to Benefit from Rising Demand for Active Food Ingredients

Emulsifier and Co-emulsifier

Sneha Varghese, Senior Analyst – Food & Beverages Domain, at Fact.MR discusses latest trends shaping the compact excavator landscape

A significant increase in consumption of both synthetic as well as natural emulsifiers has been witnessed in the past few years, owing to their application in offering lower fat content, alongside retention of food flavor and texture. Moreover, the on-going fad for clean label products is also likely to have positive influences on acceptance of natural emulsifiers and co-emulsifiers in the food and beverage space.

Persistent efforts toward development of products capable of fighting against fat content in food products is another key factor enhancing visibility of emulsifier and co-emulsifiers. However, multiple food emulsifiers are still in the process of gaining approval vis-à-vis commercialization, which is creating challenges for the manufacturers in terms of business proliferation via new product launches.

Q: How is the growing demand for ‘free from’ products among European consumers impacting emulsifier sales?

A: As per a research study carried out by ETH Zurich and the European Food information Council (EUFIC), a cohort of European consumers look for food products appended with ‘free from’ with respect to the following categories,

  • ‘GMO-free’ for chocolate, corn, and oil
  • ‘palm oil free’ for cream-based spreads, and chocolate
  • ‘lactose free’ for milk, yogurt, and cheese
  • ‘gluten free’ for pasta, biscuits, and bread

Particulars as such point to the fact that European consumers are turning out to be highly biased toward healthy food products. Emulsifiers, owing to their multiple nutritional benefits, are highly likely to pick up in terms of popularity among Europeans, which in turn will create multiple opportunities for manufacturers to tap into new customer segments across the region.

What are the key aspects fuelling penetration of emulsifier and co-emulsifiers in the European personal care industry?

The European personal care space has been undergoing drastic changes in terms of evolving market requirements. Industry participants, owing to their constant pursuit for product efficacy, are developing innovative ways to keep up with the evolving demands of Europeans.

Emulsifiers and co-emulsifiers have gained immense traction in the European personal care space, owing to its multi-functional characteristics and features. Also, emulsifiers are well-known for exhibiting sensorial characteristics, which remains a highly-valued characteristic among the European skin care industry. However, the European skin care culture partially adheres to the conventional and traditional styles, challenging high-scale innovation in the European personal care space.

Q: Which remains the highly-favored form of food emulsifier among European bakers?

Powdered emulsifiers are highly-preferred by European bakers over ordinary ones, as they offer less complexity, faster production, longer shelf-life, and healthier textures. Moreover, powdered emulsifiers offer no or minimum scope for failures in terms of value creation and help in easy storage of the end products.

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