Flavor Enhancers Sales Spur On Back of Budding Consumer Appetite for Unconventional yet Enticing Flavors

Flavor Enhancers

Flavor Enhancers

Sneha Varghese, Research Head – Food & Beverages Domain, at Fact.MR discusses latest trends in the flavor enhancer market and manufacturers’ responses with the same.

With evolving taste preferences of new-age consumers, the food and beverages industry is relying on various flavor enhancers and simultaneously investing into research as well as development of new enticing flavors. With flavor and appearance being two of the crucial characteristics shaping consumer perceptions, use of flavor enhancers have taken off in the food and beverage spectrum. Manufacturers are focusing on offering innovative and unconventional flavors, which would appeal to the new- age consumers with fondness for new tastes. However, rising awareness with respect to adverse effects of synthetic flavors has induced a mass reluctance, which is also creating a shift toward natural flavors.

  1. What are the reformations induced by trend of ‘clean label’ in the European flavor enhancer manufacturing landscape?
  2. A. Clean label has become more than a just a ‘trend’ in the European flavor enhancer market. Consumers, with growing emphasis on cognitive well-being, have started moving away from artificial ingredients and developing a fad for natural ones. Moreover, shoppers also expect the brands to introduce all the ingredients used in the products, which will help them make fact-based judgments regarding the particular product.
  3. Which are the attributes that remain highly-valued among European consumers while purchasing flavor enhancers?
  4. A. New-age European consumers are persistently driving innovation in the food and beverage spectrum by expecting value-based offerings from the brands they trust. Consumers are increasingly looking for products that incorporate authenticity, sustainability, social engagement, traceability, and functional benefits. In response to the aforementioned demands, the European flavor enhancement market is likely to witness a wave of permutations and combinations vis-à-vis manufacturing with an objective of offering new and fresh experiences.
  5. What are some of the inevitable challenges faced by manufacturers of flavor enhancers in Europe?
  6. Consumer concerns regarding safety of flavor enhancers have created major challenges for manufacturers, in terms of new product launches. Moreover, active intervention of prominent organizations, such as European Food Safety Authority and European Flavor Association, in terms of strict monitoring of products ready for commercialization, creating significant barriers for manufacturers with respect to product approvals.
  7. What are some of the latest European flavor trends having deep-rooted influences on flavor enhancers landscape?
  8. A. The latest trends in Europe portray that consumers will be highly inclined toward flavors that they find familiar as well as comforting, though a bias toward new and distinctive flavors will continue to persist. The trends also indicate willingness of new age consumers to step out of their comfort zones for discovering authentic and unconventional taste experiences.

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