Tekni-Plex to Reveal New Pouch and Lidding Solutions for Medical and Pharma Applications

Tri-Seal, a business of Tekni-Plex is ready to reveal its latest advancements in the pouch and lidding structures designed for pharmaceutical applications and medical devices at MD&M West event to be organized in Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California from 5 to 7 February.

Tekni-Plex is a leading provider of innovative packaging materials, precision-crafted medical tubing solutions and medical compounds. The company has introduced a line of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds for medical devices in past. At the same event, Colorite, Tekni-Plex’s other business is also ready to unveil its latest Cellene thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds.

The company is planning to all 12 grades to its Cellene line which has currently 28 formulations which can be utilized for healthcare and other related applications. Colorite will provide the new TPE compounds introduction in four series including extrusion grade series for V therapy, injection molding and extrusion grades for cost-driven IV therapy solutions.

As demand for thermoplastic engineering polymers is increasing in packaging, resins such as PBT and PET polymer resins highly sought after in packaging solutions across end-user industries.

The new pouch and lidding solutions to be introduced by Tri-Seal has innovative polyester/foil laminations with a coextruded layer of sealant which deliver steady seals that are easily peelable under a broad range of temperatures. This further enables application of new pouch and lidding solutions in multiple applications such as lidding solutions for lens caps and other packaging types.

Other features of the new introduction include the structure of the packaging material that can withstand sterilization through E-beam, retort processing and autoclave required for pouches of medical devices.

The new introduction also displays Sniff Seal® technology, Tri-Seal’s patented technology which is the very first liner in packaging that enables permeation of scent through the line of induction seal closure without affecting the function of seal or compromising contents of the packaging products.

In addition, Tri-Seal is also likely to feature its Luxe® seal line which displays foldable, innovative and easy peel Luxe® tabs coupled with embossing features. The embossing feature provides impactful brand marketing and the pull tab feature improves functionality. The company is also planning to provide customization feature for messaging for product differentiation.

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