Unitika Releases its New Line of Polyamide Resins, Hybrid and Electric Vehicles are identified as Potential Application Areas

Polyamide in E-Mobility

Polyamide in E-Mobility

Unitika Ltd., a Japanese company based in Osaka, came up with an exclusive polyamide (PA) resins’ series as a new addition to its existing product portfolio. According to Unitika, these polyamide resins can be utilized in case of demanding as well as challenging applications involving thermal management. Unitika has tailored particular grades for major applications, including LED components as well as parts of electric motor, which are used in case of auto, electrical, and electronic spectrums, wherein efficient thermal management remains an indispensable necessity. These specific grades have been developed underlying multiple polymer structures and close observation of various end-user specifications.

Owing to the pressure of dealing with a cut-throat competition that has become prevalent worldwide and in line with the pressure from stockholders, small and medium sized enterprises as well as large companies are vying to obtain superlative degree of performance level for successful market sustenance. In the similar context, optimal management vis-à-vis research and development activities remains a key factor facilitating procurement of futuristic goals, leading to enhanced technological know-how of the organization. Product development capabilities along with unmatched innovation remains a vital part of a company’s growth agenda, for competing amid an intense ecosystem. It is essential for any company, such as Unitika, to grasp the essentiality along with seamless implementation of R&D activities for successful business proliferation.

Unitika has clearly    identified the remunerative scope associated with hybrid as well as electric vehicles in terms of application of its polyamide resin series. The booming market for e-mobility is witnessing unprecedented owing to rising clamor for optimal fuel efficiency. Electric motors are evolving to be highly compact, thus fostering high-scale demand for efficacious solutions for thermal management, like polyamide. In addition to this, replacement of metal components by plastic variants is one of the top most of all other prevalent trends in line with the overarching trend of ‘light weighting’. With less number of thermally conductive metal parts and components, corresponding performance specifications to craft plastic compounds have become strict and tougher.

The exclusive line of polyamide resins include grades that are based on PA 66, PA 6, as well as aromatic PAs. Unitika is actively marketing its line of aromatic resins under XecoT moniker. Every conductive grade includes a filler that neither excessively amplifies compound density versus the insulating grades, nor settle in terms of mechanical properties. It would be interesting to see if other companies operating in the same space come up with something in the similar lines or will go an extra mile in terms of product efficiency and relevance.

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