G.A. Neeb GmbH & Co. KG Thrives with Successful Project Execution Along with Optimal Space Utilization

Rough Terrain Crane Market

Rough Terrain Crane Market

Expansion of a specific bridge crossing over freeway A1 situated near Cologne had faced unique challenges, which had to be taken care of by Neeb from Wuppertal, the the crane service provider. The company had to choose the crane that was best suited for the particular application, which was enormously important for efficient operations. Ultimately, the team came up with a decision of deploying ‘Demag AC 500-8 all-terrain crane’, as it was the perfect machine for the particular project by all means

Though a smaller crane would have probably taken care of the complete job, quality of the job with efficiency became indispensable. That is the reason why the company continued with set up of the entire configuration at the job site by making optimal use of the available space. The company decided to go for the particular crane because of its large lifting capacity, which would enable it to seamlessly handle varying lifts with an efficient base configuration. All in all, the company stated that it was the best choice, both economically as well as technically, in line with specifications of the particular job.

The Setup

The positioning of the crane on the respective job site wasn’t inconvenient and was also accompanied by around four trucks carrying the essential counterweight as well as accessories. However, setting up of the crane was a tedious and tough task and was completely a complicated affair.

“Since there were available shaft construction structures as well as precast components from several other construction companies, we could get minimal space to work. This implied that we had to configure the counterweight trucks on the exact opposite lane and set up the entire crane across the road as well as the guardrail,” said the General Manager

Despite the additional work and incumbent complexity, it took nearly three assembly technicians from the Neeb team to successfully configure the crane within a duration of one and a half hours. The crane was configured in a way that it would be capable of nourishing the forthcoming eight main lifts, each dealing with around 121 ft. long and 56 ton steel girder for the entire bridge.

The real and biggest challenge for the Neeb team was in front of them, as the entire crane had to extend over the guardrail for unloading the steel girders. The lifts required absolute precision and accuracy, since the girders had to be aligned down on the abutments in a subtly horizontal position.

Additionally, the crane had to be reconfigured in between the lifts without disturbing the alignment of the neighboring bridge i.e. Leverkusen Bridge. In spite of all these challenges, G.A. Neeb GmbH & Co. KG was capable of maintaining everything under seamless control owning to the company’s meticulous task preparation and propaganda.

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