Manufacturers of Architectural Coatings Make Headway with Cost-Effective Production; Product Appeal Remains the Key Focus

Shambhu Nath Jha, Research Head- Chemicals and Materials Domain at Fact.MR discusses paramount aspects determining demand for architectural coatings.

The demand for architectural coatings continues to remain immensely influenced by resurgence of construction activities worldwide. In addition to that, projects associated with renovation and refurbishment of the existing structures are also having major contributions toward escalating adoption of architectural coatings. Manufacturers of architectural coatings are vying to stay at the technological forefront to meet both demands of customers as well as regulations. Increasing demand for eco-functional architectural coatings is a key trend conducive to large-scale product diversification in the architectural coatings market. Manufacturers of architectural coatings are also emphasizing on color design as well as color marketing for their products, which will make the products unique and distinctive amid other products available in the market place.

How is the surging demand for optimal functionality boosting sales of smart architectural coatings?

Development of smart or intelligent coatings is growing at a meteoric pace in Europe, driven by evolving end-user preferences and regulatory demands. A paradigm shift toward disruptive technologies for achieving optimal efficiency and functionality is primarily enhancing the visibility of smart architectural coatings.

Microencapsulation, nanotechnology, self-healing and self-assembling systems, and conductive materials are few of the renowned technologies responsible for amelioration of the capabilities of architectural coatings, beyond conventional attributes associated with protection and aesthetics. Broad functionality remains one of the key aspects expanding the demand for smart architectural coatings across multiple applications.

What are the manufacturers doing to keep up with the rapid transition to low-VOC solutions in Europe?

Stringent regulations in Europe are becoming highly intense than ever, intensifying the demand for low-VOC coatings. Rising inclination toward green and environmentally-responsible products is accentuating the significance of low-VOC architectural coatings. In response to this trend, manufacturers are adopting ‘green labels’ on a voluntary basis, which is persuading them to turn to low-VOC solutions.

Manufacturing companies are vying to position themselves on the forefront of green issues by resorting to low-VOC coatings. European regulations have made it highly imperative for architectural coating manufacturers to adapt to new realities and offer low or zero VOC products.

How is the rising demand for simplified painting impacting the manufacturing agendas in the European architectural coatings market space?

The key manufacturers of architectural coatings are vying to provide unparalleled ease and speed of painting, owing to rising inclination toward faster and simpler painting processes. At present, the trend in Europe has translated into demand for products combining multiple functionalities in a single step, persuading manufacturers to go a further step in ameliorating product efficiency in similar lines.

Instead of applying a primer followed by multiple layers of coating, customers are showing marked preferences for products that combine all these steps in just a single application. Moreover, manufacturers of architectural coatings are also working on reduction of time involved in each painting process, boosting convenience factor for the end-use customers.

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