Automotive Fuel Injection System Demand Steady in Europe, Electromobility and Diesel Ban to Impede Future Sales

Automotive Fuel Injection System

Automotive Fuel Injection System

Mr. Mohit Loshali, Senior Consultant – Automotive at Fact.MR discusses latest trends shaping Europe’s automotive fuel injection system marketplace


Automotive fuel injection system market is expected to witness steady growth on the back of increasing automobile production. In addition, growing preference for light-weight fuel-efficient vehicles and stringent emission standards will further increase the importance of automotive fuel injection system in new designs of automobiles. Significant investments in the auto industry are underway to develop intelligent designs of the fuel injection system that provides less fuel consumption and smooth engine operations.

The automotive fuel injection system market is expected to witness moderate growth in developed countries owing to market saturation. Sales in Europe are expected to remain under the influence of ongoing changes in the economic scenario. Further, stringent emission standards and the projected ban on diesel-based automobiles in European countries are likely to impact the future trajectory of the automotive fuel injection system market.

Where is demand for automotive fuel injection system concentrated in Europe?

The big fours of Europe including Germany, Italy, France and the UK continue to present significant demand for the automotive fuel injection system. These countries continue to witness an increasing number of gasoline-powered automobiles on road. Being the backbone of the country, Germany’s automotive industry portrays high-tech automotive products. The UK, Spain and France follow suit in terms of passenger car and light vehicle production.

What are the potential challenges to the automotive fuel injection system market in the region?

Europe remains a region with stringent regulatory frameworks wherein recent technological trends in the automotive industry including sustainable mobility, e-mobility and car connectivity are transforming the automotive industry landscape. Government initiative toward electric mobility and stringent emission standards have led to assertive proposals to ban diesel-powered vehicles in major European countries including France, Germany and the UK. With electric mobility gaining momentum in tandem with declining production of gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles amid green initiative can significantly hit the growth of automotive fuel injection system market in the region in coming years.

What are manufacturers doing to strengthen their market position in the automotive fuel injection system landscape?

Auto OEMs are engaged in incorporating optimum sized-engines that deliver fuel efficiency. While European automakers have never encouraged engine downsizing, manufacturers are developing engines that comply with European emission standards to sustain in the European market. For instance, Mercedes-Benz began distribution of two six-cylinder diesel engine models that already meet the Euro 6d emission standard and is present in the new GLE SUV. Cummins announced the achievement of Euro VI technology by reaching the goal of installation of 2,000 hybrid-adapted engines in buses running across European roads.

Which is the most popular fuel injection system technology in European automobiles?

Germany, the developer of the first diesel car shows significant reliance on diesel-powered automobiles. On the other hand, drivers’ love for diesel has been propelled by the excellent fuel economy of diesel-powered automobiles. Advances in diesel engines provided noise and smoke-free drive with greater mileage. These factors are responsible for the early take-off of diesel-based automobiles, thereby diesel direct injection technology adoption in Europe. However, urgent demand for diesel ban in the wake of rising CO2 emissions significantly hit the diesel sales in 2017. As this trend is to continue and intensify in the future, diesel direct injection system sales are expected to stabilize in the long run.

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