New Kortrax® Barrier Resins by BP Polymers for HDPE Containers

Automotive Additives

Automotive Additives

BP Polymer, LLC announced on 17 January 2019, the launch of Kortrex® Barrier Resins – company’s latest generation of barrier resins for HDPE containers.

BP Polymer is a California-based manufacturer of Kortrax® Barrier Resins, a sole manufacturer of this product in the United States. Barrier Plastics, Inc, BP Polymer’s sister company located in Southern California and is the home of Baritainers®.

The company invested an entire year in research and development to develop the Kortrex® BR family of products which makes use of the mono-layer barrier technology produced and developed previously using Quoral® barrier resins.

Kortrex® has the same platform in the form of polyamide base as that of Quoral® with the addition of other polymers to improve the performance profile of chemical permeability and the oxygen transfer rate (OTR) of containers of HDPE. With the trademark of Baritainers®, Kortrax® made containers can safely transport solvent-based products such as cleaning solvents, household chemicals, wood preservatives, industrial chemicals, adhesives, agricultural chemicals and automotive additives.

Kortrex® BR is FDA, USP 661 and EU compliant. This new barrier resin can be used in food applications to prevent oxygen contamination and permeation. The food application may now be continued with barrier containers of Kortrax® with HDPE mono-layer.

In addition to this, Kortrex® BR has another feature of an optical tracer. Whenever Kortrex® BR is used, it is possible to identify its presence within the Baritainer® with the use of UV flashlight to confirm both the distribution and presence of Kortrex® BR that is embedded in the walls of HDPE matrix. This way, end-users can be assured of Kortrex® BR’ presence and its barrier protection to the liquid products that are packaged within the HDPE container walls.

Kortrex® BR, made of Baritainers® base offers an affordable alternative to other barrier packaging technologies like tin plate, fluorination, steel and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin. Also, Kortrex® BR Baritainers® is the environment-friendly and sustainable alternative to multi-layer containers of EVOH which can be recycled.

Further, as there is no post-manufacturing fluorination involved, carbon emissions released from the removal of transportation between the fluorination treatment facility and the bottle manufacturer can be reduced. Henceforth, human exposure of polyfluorinated compounds such as PFOS and PFOA and the associated health concerns are mitigated.

Kortrax® Baritainer® containers will be produced by selected licensed manufacturers of container HDPE. The barrier containers are marketed and sold by the sister company of BP Polymer, Barrier Plastics, to their respective customers through the company’s licensed manufacturers in multiple markets.

COO of BP Polymers conveyed that BP Polymer is looking forward to work with its manufacturing partners to showcase the new Kortrax® Baritainer® to multiple end users in various markets. As the new brand was launched, the older Quoral® brand products will be replaced by Kortrax® Baritainer® HDPE containers in the packaging industry.

Both BP Polymers and their licensed manufacturers will work together to offer an innovative and effective barrier container mono-layer HDPE technology to solve requirements of customers in a very sustainable and cost-effective manner.

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