Brexit Could Jeopardize UK Healthcare’s £70 Billion Contribution to UK Economy

The healthcare industry in the UK has continued to be under pressure since the announcement of Britain leaving the European Union was made. Now with the danger of no-deal Brexit looming the healthcare industry in the UK can be adversely impacted. With Prime Minister, Theresa May’s proposal planning to end the freedom of movement of EU nationals, numerous doctors, staff, and social care workers have left the country with uncertainties surrounding their future. The departures have left the healthcare and pharmacy industry shorthanded and under pressure.

The uncertainty around the finalization of the Brexit deal has already adversely impacted the healthcare industry with Nursing and Midwifery Council registering a staggering drop in the registration of new nurses. The shortage of staff in the healthcare industry has resulted in exceeding pressure being exerted on hospital and research staff in the UK. A recent indication to the fact was provided when the latest UK Shortage Occupation was released. The list featured the mention of an array of health care professional job roles triggering chaos in the healthcare industry. The presence of overseas talent in the country was key to fulfilling the occupational demands in the region. The UK government is further planning to focus its migration system on skilled migrants post Brexit which could create a shortage of staff in the lower-skilled positions as well which are key to the smooth functioning of the healthcare industry in the country.

The grave shortage of workers in the healthcare industry has presented a grim image of the UK healthcare and research market to the world. As a consequence of the current circumstances, the image of UK as an attractive base for research and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals has declined. The question about the UK maintaining its attractiveness as a base for research and manufacturing base for pharmaceuticals and other healthcare related services was posted in recent quarterly surveys which involved interviewing key industry experts from US, UK, and EU healthcare markets. The surveys suggested a decline in the positive outlook towards the UK healthcare sector. Experts in the UK healthcare market are urging the government to shed light on the Brexit deal post the recent rejection of PM Theresa May’s bill. The uncertainties surrounding the Brexit deal can worsen UK’s image in the global marketplace and can severely impact its £70 billion contributions to the country’s economy in case Britain ends up with a no deal Brexit.

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