These 3 Advanced Automotive Tow Bars Can Change Things!

Technology has revolutionized the automotive industry, and it hasn’t left tow bars behind. Manufacturers are embedding technology in different parts of a vehicle to deliver an optimal driving experience to their customers. Innovation has become the need of every manufacturer in the automotive industry, and they aren’t missing any chance to induce technology in maximum possible parts of a vehicle. In the recent past, they have incorporated technology in tow bars also, by introducing automotive tow bars that lets the drive connect the trailer while sitting at the driver’s seat.

Here are some innovative automotive tow bars soaring high on the market:

  • New Automatic Trailer Connection Could Make Hassle-free Towing A Reality

The automation technology is gaining the traction of customers like never before, which is further prompting the manufacturers in automotive industry to introduce technologically advanced vehicle equipment. In a world driven by technology that is delivering comfort right away, without needing you to make any efforts, a Sweden-based tech company-Semcon- has come up with something that can change the way a driver hooks up a trailer. Semcon has rolled out an equipment that can automate the process using a revolutionary hooking up method. Hitting the nerve of most of the drivers who just can’t bother to tow or get into any sort of towing hassle, Semcon wipes off all the hassle with its latest autonomous vehicle technology based automatic trailer connection trailer hitch. Customers would not be able to resist telescoping trailer tongue equipped with a high-tech sensor that allows the drive to clearly see the trailer and identify where it should be. The ease never goes out of demand, citing the same this technology is expected to gain the traction of more manufacturers as a potential growth driver for automotive tow bars market

  • Electrically Folding Tow Bar Could Change The Big Picture of Vehicle Towing  

Swedish luxury vehicles company, Volvo has come up with an electrically folding towbar technology with a potential to gain the attention of the drivers as it eliminates the need to stretch beneath the vehicle to remove or detach the towbar. The driver just need to press a button in the luggage compartment to fold the towbar out, and lock its position. This technology can easily meet the growing demand of drivers for safe and easy to use vehicle equipment. The foldable tow bar has an embedded light indicator on the button that indicates towbar locking. Being complete in itself, the folding towbar is ready to install, and thus eliminates all kind of hassles.

  • New Innovative Tow Bar Targets Off-Road Enthusiasts

Hayman Reese has introduced cutting–edge innovation in towing technology with its X-Bar. The technologically advanced tow-bars are specifically meant for cab-chassis 4WDers, is embedded with forged rated recovery points, and encompass utmost clearance and robust strength. Off-road enthusiasts are expected to fall for technology behind X-Bar. Equipped with multiple stage paint protection of MetalShield™, bold bag, and vehicle focus wiring solutions of SmartClick™, this innovative tow bar is the best solution for cab-chassis 4WDers to seamlessly deal with the three key bottlenecks they usually come across. X-Bar technology has an answer to all kinds of clearance and recovery needs, thus, is expected to be adopted by other manufacturers in the automotive industry.

With technology accelerating at a fast pace, drivers could soon forget how towing hassles feel like.

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