IBM and Vodafone Collaborate to Boost Cloud Capabilities in Europe

IBM and Vodafone have decided to create a new venture to expand the AI, cloud capabilities and 5G services in Europe. As a part of this collaboration, Vodafone will avail the access to all the cloud services of IBM, whereas Vodafone will offer mobile infrastructure, including 5G to IBM Watson. IBM Watson Services market witnessed impressive growth in 2018, with estimated sales of over US$ 20,000 Mn worth of IBM Watson services globally.

The joint project is strategically planned to boost Europe’s base in new arenas and markets, such as 5G and Cloud computing, where it is currently lagging behind the China and US.

Michael Valoochi, IBM general manager said that they are going to change the entire game for their customers by merging the capabilities of IBM and Vodafone.

IBM Watson was formed as part of a study project, when it managed to gain attention as the supercomputer in a TV show, wherein it beat human contestants and left everybody wondering about the potential of advancing technology. Since then the system has gained much momentum, and is now highly used in diverse sectors and arenas worldwide to increase revenue, boost efficiency and also serves as a life saver.

Trends in IBM Watson in Europe

  • IBM Watson IoT speeds up business transformation in Europe. The increasing number of European companies are adopting IBM Watson IoT in industries to enhance their operations and deliver better services to customers. Fresh contracts, collaborations with Red Eléctrica de España- a leading electricity grid operator in Spain, Cooperativa Sole an elderly care provider in Italy, and Tele2, a Dutch telecommunications operator are some of some examples of IBM’s commitment to transform business and optimize their operations leveraging the power of AI-based IBM Cloud-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.
  • Businesses in Europe are introducing IBM Watson’s AI into work places to perform some of the routine tasks. For example, The Royal Bank of Scotland has adopted IBM Watson to develop its personalized digital assistant Cora, which can answer more than 5,000 customer questions daily. IBM Watson’s intelligent agent RBS analyzed customer data while creating Cora to identify the most commonly asked questions. Furthermore, with every customer interaction, Cora, powered by IBM Watson, will become more efficient.
  • Use of IBM Watson gains momentum as an advertising source, as a leading airline Lufthansa has collaborated with IBM Watson Advertising to create an AI-powered interactive ad campaign that focuses on exploring fresh avenues and saying yes to the untapped possibilities. Using the chat feature induced in the ads, consumers can clear their doubts with the German airline, and get access to travel content from nearly 15 European destinations.

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