Key Takeaways From CES 2019

CES came and is now gone, but managed to leave huge impact on the masses. CES 2019 witnessed a wide range of new technologies and innovations, everything from TVs that unroll from a box to incredibly thin laptops, made an appearance, and left audience awestruck.

There were many innovative and interesting products from diverse categories, including entertainment, mobile, home theater, smart home, etc. that played a key role with incredible unveilings for each.

Here are some of the most promising products the world witnessed at CES 2019:

  • Automotive Technology Dominates The CES 2019 Event

Self-driving technology is going to hit the market really soon, and CES 2019 witnessed much of it.  Audi unveiled their plans of using virtual reality to enhance in-car entertainment. The automaker has collaborated with Marvel and Disney to deliver a unique experience to its customers by involving Rocket Raccoon, and Iron Man, etc. While, Harman and Qualcomm exhibited variants of upcoming technology-driven dashboard encompassing an augmented reality heads-up-display. Together with smart control systems- Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS, digital and smart technologies can completely transform driving.

  • CES 2019 Witnesses Revolutionary Smart Home Technology

Smart Home was another big thing at CES 2019, as many internet-ready toilets debuted at the event, ranging from the Kohler Numi 2.0 to Toto Neorest NX2. These ceramic based seats sync up with the internet to deliver a variety of technologically-advanced features. For example, Kohler’s Numi has speakers built-in so that the uses can listen to music while they do their business. The toilet is also compatible with Alexa, the famed voice assistant of Amazon. KitchenAid smart display was another product showcased at the event. KitchenAid is powered by Google Assistant, and is designed to offer diverse recipe and cooking tips. The best part is that the device features a water-resistant body.

  • Innovation in Medical and Healthcare Reaches A New Peak

CES 2019 witnessed a highly innovative wrist-worn watch-Omron HeartGuide, which will be the big headliner of the health and medical world soon. Omron HeartGuide can measure blood pressure and identify the wearer’s risk of suffering from a heart defect. The watch has tiny pumps and air tubes that can measure blood pressure accurately and continuously. What makes Omron stands apart is its tiny blood pressure monitor which looks like any other watch.

  • Wearable Tech, Really?

China-based Nreal showcased their variant of mixed reality glasses at CES 2019. Similar to Google Glass, these are highly comfortable, lightweight, and stylish, and the best part is they aren’t huge, and look like any other regular wearing glasses. The mixed reality glasses are embedded with spatial sound system, voice control, and a good-sized 1080p HD widescreen display.

The list of products that made it big at CES 2019 doesn’t end here. Some of the other thrilling products, include Harley-Davidson’s and a world first LiveWire electric motorcycle, modular displays by Samsung, highly flexible rollup OLED R9 TV by LG, and last but not the least Gillette’s heated razor. Like every year, the products showed at CES left the audience stunned.

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