Instagram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp Could Be Integrated Soon

Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive of Facebook Inc. is looking forward to merging the primary messaging structure of the leading services, including Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, and integrate end-to-end encryption into such apps. However, the three of them will continue to remain stand-alone applications.

The social networking giant, Facebook said that it was working on leveraging end-to-end encryption, an approach to secure messages and conversations from being exposed to any individual other than a conversation participant, into its messaging platforms, and is planning to facilitate the users in getting in touch across networks seamlessly.

A spokesperson said that immense and hot debate and discussion is currently on as they start the lengthy process of finding out how exactly all of this is going to work. For example, once the changes will be made, a Facebook account holder can send an encrypted message to somebody who just has a WhatsApp account.

Sam Weinstein, a professor at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, said that the integration of the messaging apps and services is expected to make it tough for antitrust regulators to disintegrate Facebook by ruining its acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp. Weinstein added that if the social giant Facebook is worried about the same then it can keep itself secured with the integration of the aforementioned services.

But, Weinstein mentioned that regulators, particularly in the United States, see Facebook breakup as an ‘extreme remedy’, thus, the concerns related to antitrust scrutiny isn’t likely to be a reason behind the integration.

According to some ex Facebook security engineers and a third-party encryption expert, the plan could be a positive move in the direction of user privacy, especially if the end-to-end encryption happens.

Alex Stamos, the former Facebook Chief Security Officer, who now teaches at Stanford University, said that he has high positive hopes from this move, and was just afraid of the previous idea of dropping the end-to-end encryption.

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