Outages at EDF Energy’s Dungeness B-21 and B-22 Nuclear Reactors Extended

On Monday, the UK based integrated energy company EDF Energy said that it has stretched outages at the company’s Dungeness B-21 and B-22 nuclear reactors till April on the account of their current review and pipe repairing. Both the reactors are halted for planned outages since last year.

Earlier, Dungeness B-21 was planned to make a comeback online on February 24 but is now postponed to April 1, whereas, Dungeness B-22 was to come online on February 28 and is now stretched to April 6.

An EDF Energy spokesman said that engineers working at the plant are progressing rigorously in the direction of the maintenance and inspection of conventional steam line pipes that are being used for steam transportation from the boilers to turbine. The spokesperson added that work is also going on to repair the corrosion hit safety back-up systems, which came to light during their inspections.

The company mentioned that it has already informed the nuclear regulator in the Britain about the extensions to the outages. EDF Energy, which belongs to French utility EDF, is operating in 15 nuclear reactors across Britain which provide roughly 20% of the electricity supplied in the country.

Currently, four out of the company’s total reactors in Britain are offline, with a joint capacity of over 2 gigawatts.  Hunterston B-7 and B-8 carries the offline status at present due to the extended outages for crack related inspections in some of the graphite bricks which together structure the reactor core. EDF energy’s both these units have a total capacity of 965 MW.

Previously in this month, average UK nuclear power output dipped to its lowest for the first time after 2014, as seven of the 16 nuclear plants in the country are on scheduled outages.

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