Indian Automaker Company Sets Up R&D Facility in Germany

On Wednesday, a two-wheeler leader Hero MotoCorp shared its plans of developing its first research and development centre on the outskirts of Munich in Germany. Hero MotoCorp Ltd has a fully-owned subsidiary Hero Tech Center Germany GmbH set up near Munich. In a statement, the company mentioned that it will function in association with the Hero’s Global R&D hub, the Center of Innovation and Technology (CIT) in Jaipur.

Pawan Munjal, the chairman of Hero MotoCorp said that after building the Hero Tech Center Germany, the company got aspired to set up an R&D network spread across different parts of the world. He mentioned that the upcoming centre in Germany is going to be a hub of cutting-edge technologies focused on a wider customer base, which will further strengthen the R&D capabilities.

Munjal added that the tech centre will allow the team to effortlessly tap into a broader hub of resources available in Europe, to combine them with their operations currently in-progress at CIT. The firm said that initially the new centre would operate under the supervision of Hero MotoCorp CTO, Markus Braunsperger. The centre will aim at developing novel vehicle approaches, concepts and cutting-edge technologies in collaboration with CIT teams in Jaipur.

Besides motorsport activities, the centre is also going to work closely with CIT, Jaipur to design the future Hero models. The company already has some concepts, including the Hastur and the HX250R from Hero and the Xpulse 200T Concepts. With the latest development, the company looks forward to turn these concepts into production-spec models soon.

The company mentioned that the centre is going to be the nucleus for the Hero MotoSports Team Rally, motorsport team of Hero. Hero MotoSports Team Rally has helped India gain prominence in the global motorsports arena within no time. The centre will also support the rally participation activities, such as development of a new product for the team.

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