Roll Royce Eying Indian Startups to Drive Data Innovation

Rolls Royce is eyeing at startups in India for collaborations through R2 Data Labs, its data innovation arm. Through this merger, the pre-eminent engineering company will offer assistance, supervision and technical help to startups, dedicatedly working in the direction of IoT, advanced analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the blockchain, etc.

Rolls Royce said that the collaboration will enable the firm to leverage data to drive innovation in its different ventures and incorporate effectively with partners and customers. This action will protect the company’s devotion to building a highly technology-driven and cooperative atmosphere for partners to refine the methodology to streamline troublesome technologies.

The startup partnership program will have its base in Indian city Bengaluru, which is one of the nine international startup centers across the boundaries of the United States. Other hubs are located in Singapore, Germany, and UK.

The Group Director of R2 Data Labs, Caroline Gorski said that they follow a collaborative approach to make its digital age vision a reality, and actively look for novel, comprehensive work approaches to keep their competitive edge intact. To achieve the same, Rolls-Royce has been funding and partnering with niche technology startups worldwide to take their business to fresh heights.

With a rich experience of over 20 years in chasing matchless quality, the London-based company continue to serve operational competences to its clientele. In order to gain a pole position in the digital arena, Rolls Royce is continuously trying hard to make the most out of its prevailing services and is working on introducing novel services for its wide global customer base.

Rolls-Royce President for India & South Asia, Kishore Jayaraman said that digital skills will help India in accelerating its economy. He added that when India’s energetic digital ecosystem will combine with a highly innovative startup environment, it will accelerate the development of fresh capabilities.

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