Zenuity, Volvo-Veoneer’s JV Permitted to Hit Swedish Streets for Testing

Volva Cars and Veoneer’s joint venture Zenuity has been permitted to kick start the self-drive testing of its autonomous cars on Sweden roads. Trained drivers will sit behind the wheel at the time of the hands-free testing of the software, however their hands will be off the steering wheels. The venture has received the approval to test the same at a maximum speed of 80 km per hour.

Zenuity was formed in 2017 to compete with the promising development of their main rivals in the automotive industry. Currently, the United States’ companies are dominating the autonomous driving market, since Google’s Waymo received approval for testing self-driving car on California highways. In California, more than 50 companies have attained an approval to test their driverless cars, including Uber, Honda, Lyft, Daimler, Volkswagen, Waymo, Tesla, and Nissan, among others. The General Motors’ Cruise is ahead of the competition with its ready-to-deploy self-driving cars without manual controls, whereas, Germany based BMW and Audi have been awarded a testing license for driverless cars.

Currently, Zenuity is permitted to be driven on limited highways, including E4, located between Malmö and Sweden, E6 that links Malmö and Gothenburg, and national road 40 located between Jönköping and Gothenburg. Once Zenuity passes this driving test, the venture will be inspected by other car tests such as an automatic on-demand food delivery pilot with Ford, Driver.ai’s on-demand ride-sharing service in Frisco, Texas, Beijing based Baidu’s test of autonomous vehicles, and Ford’s expansion of testing autonomous vehicles to Washington D.C.

Zenuity is all geared up for Level 4 test. Following the Uber fatal accident during the company’s driverless car testing, the policies related to securing a testing license for self-driving cars have turned extremely stringent. According to Veoneer, the practical testing of driverless cars is vital to check functionality and to collect essential data. Currently, Zenuity is going to face for Level 4 test, the second highest level for the autonomous vehicles. Once the venture will clear level 4 test, it will apply for Level 5 testing license, which will be the highest level.

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