Blue Prism Unveils Its Connected-RPA Vision

Blue Prism has announced its forthcoming products and services, explaining the company’s plans to create a ‘connected-RPA’ solution by leveraging AI, cloud, and cognitive capabilities. IT departments usually spend a hefty chunk of their budget on equipment and software maintenance and on updating systems and processes, rather than focusing on fresh initiatives.

Blue Prism is working towards providing a digital workforce that can self-learn and improve continuously, automate transactions and return hours of work into the business again.

With the emergence of many fresh competitive technologies in the RPA sector, the Blue Prism technology adoption rate continue to rise. The consistent development of Blue Prism in terms of continuous product differentiation, ecosystem expansion, and talent acquisition are driving more users to the platform. A recent report on Blue Prism technology services market found that the ubiquity of RPA tools in a wide range of industrial sectors is driving the development of Blue Prism technology services.

Connected-RPA will pave the way for a powerful digital transformation leading to a highly connected entrepreneur enterprise that can deliver novel operational agility allowing organizations to stay ahead by maintaining a competitive edge and stay away from any sort of start-ups and competitors related risks.

Blue Prism co-founder and CEO Alastair Bathgate, said that they have been working on connected-RPA with an aim to give the power of creativity to the people of an organization, while maintaining control and bringing innovations together, so that individual work results into a far more powerful whole.

Bathgate added that their Digital Exchange app store offers a wide range of reusable, intelligent automation skills, which when combined with their connected-RPA allow an organization to unleash its innovators and entrepreneurs, offering them the freedom to focus on creativity in order to drive businesses forward.

Some of the latest and enhanced platform capabilities, features, extensions, and community enhancements announced by Blue Prism include, Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX) 2.0; Process Discovery Tool; Blue Prism Labs; and Blue Prism Community, to name a few.

The announced services and products will offer completely automated end-to-end processes to users, and will also optimize AI functionality instantly and seamlessly. Together, these services will provide enterprises with a single scalable platform that provides business-led automation in an IT-endorsed and controlled environment.

Santosh Kumar

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