Tommy Hilfiger Unveils Sustainable Denim

Tommy Hilfiger, a subsidiary of PVH Corp, is going to roll out 100% recycled cotton denim styles as a part of the Spring 2019 Tommy Jeans global collection. The new denim jeans will be produced at the PVH Denim Centre in Amsterdam. This is the first European hub to set-up new standards for producing denim in a highly consistent, fast and eco-friendly way.

The upcoming innovative products will be available for several categories, including a unisex oversized trucker jacket, mom jeans, and modern tapered jeans. The hub backs the ambition and vision of Tommy Hilfiger to become a worldwide leader in denim by offering innovation, sustainability and by offering top notch practices in the industry. Highly comfortable, easy-to-wear and long lasting features have been driving the demand for the denim jeans, especially among the youngsters. A recent report opines that the denim jeans market is projected to represent a value of more than US$ 4,000 Mn by 2022 end.

Tommy Hilfiger said that he entered into the fashion business at the age of 18, by selling bell-bottoms from an underground boutique. He added that now denim has become the integral part of the classic American cool style.

Hilfiger added that they continue to work in the direction of manufacturing thoughtful items to protect the environment. By changing the way of designing and producing denim styles, the clothing company looks forward to inspire their consumers to bring sustainable changes.

Daniel Grieder, CEO Tommy Hilfiger Global and PVH Europe said that the PVH Denim Centre continue to tap exclusive opportunities in the rapidly-changing and growing worldwide jeans business of Tommy Jeans, by reconsidering outdated ways of producing jeans by leveraging sustainability and innovation.

He added that being highly driven by their groundbreaking spirit, and having a close-knitted collaboration with their partners, the company has been succeeding in creating top-notch and highly classy denim designs produced by following a highly sustainable plan and celebrate their ‘Product is King’ philosophy.


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