Gallium Oxide Market Reviewed in a New Study



Gallium Oxide Market: Introduction

Gallium oxide is an inorganic chemical compound in which Gallium and Oxygen are in a stoichiometric ratio of 2:3. The molecular formula of Gallium Oxide is Ga2O3 and its molecular weight is 187.44 g/mol. Gallium oxide, also known as gallium sesquioxide, is insoluble in water but slightly soluble in alkalis and is a thermally stable compound. Gallium oxide has a large band gap of around 4.8 eV. Larger band gap permits producers to use a thinner device for a certain voltage. In the electronics industry, the more thinner a device, the lower will be the resistance offered by it and thus, it will be more efficient.

The electronic components used in inverters, power supplies and electric motors are expected to be economic, efficient and must also be able to handle high voltage from source. Considering such requirements, gallium oxide is anticipated to be the best available alternative in the semiconductors and electronics market. However, gallium oxide, even though efficient, is not as inexpensive as silicon. However, with technological advancements, the cost of gallium oxide is expected to drop down. This will ensure that the gallium oxide market witnesses growth in near future.

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Gallium Oxide Market: Dynamics

For a long time now, silicon has been used in large scale production of semiconductors and microelectronics. However, certain limitations have been found with the use of silicon, such as scalability issue for power electronics. The semiconductor technology demands smaller designs and higher density. For microelectronics, the use of power always acts as an obstacle and the manufacturers are keen on reducing power consumption as well as the heat generated. The technologies used today employ silicon and are close to their operating voltage limits required in many applications. Gallium oxide has been found to function well in such applications. Gallium oxide is also a transparent conductive oxide which offers conductivity and transparency over the visual spectrum. As a result of these factors, the gallium oxide market is anticipated to witness robust growth throughout the forecast period. However, the only hitch in the growth of gallium market will be the cost associated with it.

It has been recently observed in academic studies that field effect transistors (FETs) could potentially benefit from gallium oxide critical electric field strength. The doping limits that might destroy other FET materials do not affect gallium oxide and gallium oxide offers a wide range of conductivity. Gallium oxide is being studied widely for its properties and new scope of applications are being developed.

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Gallium Oxide Market: Regional Outlook

Regionally, the North America gallium oxide market is anticipated to grow at a significant rate due to the increasing number of smart device owners in the region. The shift from silicon to gallium oxide is expected to be the fastest in countries, such as the United States of America. Following the North America gallium oxide market are the mature markets of countries in Europe. Asia Pacific has been seeing tremendous growth in the number of users and this growth is expected to increase further throughout the forecast period. China and the United States of America have a much bigger and technologically advanced defense sector and will quickly adopt the shifting trend from silicon to gallium oxide.

Some of the market participants identified across the value chain of the global gallium oxide market include TAMURA Corporation, Kyma Technologies, Inc., American Elements, Nanoshel LLC and FLOSFIA Corporation.

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