eMDs Acquires Aprima With a Prime Focus to Broaden its Ambulatory Care Horizon

eMDs Inc., a leading health solutions provider for patients and health practices, recently acquired Aprima, another developing health solutions provider of electronic health record (EHR). The strategic acquisition makes the company a global leader for meeting the needs of healthcare industry. The collaboration now serves solutions such as integrated finances, administration, and clinical solutions, which are used by over 63,000 providers in more than 26,000 hospitals and practices across the globe.

The CEO of eMDs cites that this acquisition will turn out a lucrative opportunity for both the businesses. The acquisition combines the unique services and technologies of both the companies and in turn, helps them lend more efficient and diverse portfolio of the services. This results in better productivity, great impact, with a lesser operational burden to the healthcare providers. This strategic collaboration will help the serve patients right while improving the financial strengths of both the companies.

Prior to this acquisition, eMDs and Aprima were on their way of exploring and developing technologies to provide better functioning of the healthcare industry. The marriage of these endeavors is expected to broaden the horizon of innovation in the healthcare sector. The combined operations for both of these companies will be as eMDs company, headquartered at Austin, in Texas. The CEO of eMDs, Pickell, will hold the leadership position for both the companies, while the CEO of Aprima, Michael Nissenbaum, will hold the advisory role in the company. The investment details of this acquisition have not yet been disclosed.

About eMDs

eMDs is a US-based health solution provider company with technologies including electronic health records (EHR), revenue cycles handling solutions, practice management software, and credentialing solutions to the physicians, enterprises, and clinical practices. At present, the services and solutions of eMDs can be available only within the U.S. territory. The company engages in blending technologies for empowering the healthcare industry. The custom-tailored solutions devised by the experts of the company helps in eliminating the administrative, technological, and regulatory hassles for the providers.

About Aprima

Aprima, headquartered at Richardson in Texas, was established in the year 1998. It is a leader in providing innovative technological solutions to medical practitioners, and enterprises. The primary aim of the company is to focus on the quality, care, and safety of the solutions. The key offerings of the company constitute practice management, health record, and revenue cycle management solutions. These solutions are flexible and customizable in nature.

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