AFL Acquires IMPulse to Enhance Foot-Hold in Rail Division

A global manufacturer of fiber optic cable, accessories and equipment AFL has purchased all the assets of an international transit electrification component supplier IMPulse NC LLC, as a part of the company’s strategy to extend its rail transit systems products line, boosting productivity and the overall output.

AFL’s accessories division General Manager Eric Borowicz said that IMPulse, a manufacturer of overhead contact system & catenary hardware, works with the same mission like theirs, to offer premium services and products to customers. Borowicz commented that with the addition of IMPulse family and its product portfolio, AFL will be able to reinforce their impact in the rail transit market.

IMPulse, headquartered in North Carolina, deals into a wide range of overhead contact system and catenary hardware for diverse electrified transit systems, such as intercity and commuter rail,  streetcars, freight, heritage trolley, light rail, and electric trolleybus. Founded around three decades back, IMPulse continue to offer the power that keeps people moving.

AFL creates complete electrification OCS solutions for swift rail, trolley, light rail, electric trolley bus, streetcar, and 3rd rail applications. Following the acquisition the manufacturing company will continue to operate in North Carolina and will instantly start offering IMPulse products. None of the companies have disclosed terms of the acquisition.

The continuing focus of worldwide governments to endorse the railway as a sustainable mode of transportation is resulting into higher number of tenders of fresh rolling stocks being acquired by manufacturers. Globally, the rail market is experiencing huge tender procurements by manufacturers to offer novel and highly efficient fright wagons. A latest study has estimated that rolling stocks market will grow at a steady 2.9% CAGR in 2019. AFL is a 32 year-old South Carolina-based company with operation in the US, Europe, Mexico, Asia, Canada, and Australia.

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