DRA Global Merging with SENET

Multi-disciplinary global engineering group G, DRA Global has decided to merge with a leading project management & engineering company SENET. Based in Africa, SENET is a leading project management and engineering company operating in mineral processing field in Africa. The company excels in project delivery, specifically in gold, uranium, copper, cobalt, and iron ore. The South African firm has also done successful projects in the Europe, Middle East, Asia, and South and Central America.

With a wide expertise and experience of more than three decades, DRA Global has an impressive track record. DRA aids firms operating in resources industry in achieving their goals by offering them top-notch solutions, which are specially customized to cater to varying individual client requirements across the entire project lifecycle.

The latest merger will make the two companies the employer of 3,000 individuals in Africa, making the joint business one of the continents biggest project delivery and operations management businesses, which will further enable the group to effectively compete at a global level.

The complimentary collaboration has considerably reinforced the joint combined service offering in a wide range of arenas, including project delivery, mining and minerals processing, operational willingness and complete operations and maintenance services across Africa, giving the alliance an enthralling value proposition to mining customers and clients of diverse sizes with assets in Africa.

The complimenting merger is likely to bolster efficiency in mining processes. The increasing investments in mining industry are fostering the demand for novel machinery and equipment. This gives sufficient credence to the fact that the demand for mining pumps is set to increase considerably. As per a recent report, the mining pumps market is expected to grow at around 2.9 CAGR during 2018-2028.

DRA Global CEO Wray Carvelas said that DRA and SENET merger has proved to be a logical decision for the company as it will unite two extremely successful firms, with complementary skills.

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