Sports Brand Puma Unveils Micro-Motor Embedded Self-Lacing Trainers

German Multinational Design Company Puma has introduced its Puma Fi trainers, with laces that get tightened at the swipe of a finger. Puma Fi shoe doesn’t have laces on it, instead the trainers feature a raised block embedded with a micro-motor which reinforces the cable system fixed in shoe.

Micro motors are mini motors, which are widely used in diverse end use verticals for myriad mobility applications, owing to their features, such as high energy efficiency, portability, and vibration alert notification, which make them a logical substitute to previously used small-sized motors.

Rightly named Fi (Fit Intelligence) the technology allows the users to refit, loosen, or tighten their sneakers through a control panel embedded on the upper surface of the Fi module. Wearers only need to swipe downwards to loosen the shoe and swipe upwards to tighten it. According to a report by Fact.MR, the worldwide micro motor market revenue is expected to reach around US$ 38 Bn by the end of 2022.

The trainers have an alluring outlook as it features a black mesh upper body, with the brand signature stripe in silver inscribed on the side. The global brand has tastefully designed the shoe, with the Fi platform embedded in a raised block. The integrated self-lacing part is visible in form of four flashy blue cords threaded out on both upper sides of the shoe.

The training shoe has been customized precisely for light running and workouts, and it boasts numerous integrated smart sensors that allows it to sense the shape of the wearer’s foot, ensuring ideal shoe fitting to the individual.

With this technologically advanced trainers, athletes can seamlessly monitor & change the fitting of their shoe through a smartphone app, even when in a hurry by just adjustments it through smart device or Apple watch, keeping their motion intact.

Charles Johnson, Puma global director of innovation, said that they have manufactured a shoe that answers to the life in motion. Johnson added that the shoe is always fast and changing every time.

He added that the Fi technology has been designed to train smart & is meant for the modern mobility. According to Puma, the technology is highly suitable for the urban landscape as well as the gym, thus is the ideal pic for the everyday routine of a connected generation.

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