Arquus Eying New European Battle Tank

Arquus is eying the developing Franco-German MGCS program, wherein MGCS stands for Main Ground Combat System with an aim to get a chunk of it. While speaking to reporters in Paris, CEO of Arquus, Emmanuel Levacher said that they strongly believe that they can contribute a lot, primarily in terms of hybrid drivetrains, robotization, and fuel cells.

François Deloumeau, Arquus’ director of innovation, asked that will the future tank will even be a tank? He argued that it’s not an interesting move to boost the existing concepts further, while contending that there are minimal chances of MGCS to be a Leopard 3 or a super Leclerc tank. Levacher said that Arquus has not be financed to create ideas for MGCS, however the company is considering the same, while they think out of the box.

He added that so far, Germany and France aren’t associated in terms of concept, or even by their needs, which indicates that nothing is certain as of now. Levacher said that they have been in talks with the DGA, end-users, and other manufacturers regarding the same, using the shorthand for the defense-acquisition organization of the French government.

While speaking about Germany, Levacher stated that the company was forced to look for alternative suppliers of components, including automatic gear boxes, joints, or engines engineered for civilian vehicles, but are added among military products for shipping. He further explained that it is because Germany export approval processes are quite lengthy for such kinds of products. The drive for enhancing overall fleet productivity, optimal fuel costs, and to cut repair and maintenance expenses, continues to propel the growth of the fuel card market.

In recent years, fuel card has gained a lot of popularity among fleet operators of all sizes, logistics service providers, and corporate customers in a wide range of end-use industries as a key part of fleet control worldwide.



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